• Mardin Artuklu University Institute of Living Languages I.International Syriac Studies Symposium


Mardin Artuklu University 
Institute of Living Languages
I.       International Syriac Studies Symposium
20-22 April 2012, Mardin
We cordially invite you to contribute to the first Syriac Studies Symposium of Mardin Artuklu University, Turkey. With great pleasure, we organize this symposium in Mardin, a city integral to Syriac culture, history, archaeology and architecture.
From ancient to modern times, Syriac-speaking communities have been in contact with various cultures and religions, covering a geographical area stretching from the East Asia to Europe and the Americas. By way of exploring the Syriac Culture in its wider multi-cultural context throughout the history, this conference aims to focus on the richness of the Syriac culture.
The Organizing Committee will give preference to papers focusing on the Syriac language, literature, art, architecture, archaeology, epigraphy, history, theology and liturgy within the framework of seminar’s theme.  Papers with suggestions for the enrichment of the Syriac Studies Program at Mardin Artuklu University are also encouraged.
The conference will take place on 20-22 April 2012 and travel and accommodation expenses of those whose papers are accepted will be paid by the organisation committee.
Please send your title and abstract (max. 300 words) together with your name, address, academic affiliation and e-mail address to elif_keser@yahoo.com  by 31 December 2011.
Ps. There are no limitations on the language of the presentations.
Application Deadline: 31 December 2011
Acceptance Notification: 15 January 2012
Deadline for the submission of the texts: 15 April 2012
Announcement of the Programme: 16 April 2012
Symposium Date: 20–22 April 2012
Mardin Artuklu Üniversitesi Yaşayan Diller Enstitüsü
Zinciriye Medresesi 1.Cadde Kuyumcular Çarşısı üstü-Mardin
Tlf: 0 90482 213 7343
Honorary President
Prof. Dr. Serdar Bedii Omay/ Rector of Artuklu University.
Organization Comittee
Prof. Dr. Kadri Yıldırım/ Head of the Institute of Living Languages
Abdulmassih Saadi, Elif Keser-Kayaalp, M. Nesim Doru, Birgül Açıkyıldız, Serdar Şengül, Mikail Öz, İbrahim Özcoşar, Abdurrahman Adak, İbrahim Bor, Linda Wheatley-Irving.
Elif Keser-Kayaalp, Nesim Doru.
Advisory Comittee
Sebastian Brock (Oxford University, UK), David Taylor (Oxford University, UK), Hidemi Takahashi (University of Tokyo, Japan), Prof. Dr. John F. Healey (Manchester University), Herman Teule (University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands), Shabo Talay (University of Bergen, Norway), Kadri Yıldırım (Mardin Artuklu Üniversitesi), Şinasi Gündüz (İstanbul Üniversitesi), Andrew Palmer(University of Münster, Germany),  Tuma Çelik (European Syriac Union).
We would like to thank to the European Syriac Union for their contributions.