• Seminars Of The Enstitute Of Social Sciences


Place: The multi-purpose Hall of the Faculty of Letter


28 February Friday, 14:00, Prof. Dr. Dilek Cindoğlu and Asistan Prof. Hasan Tekgüç, MAU

Analyses of the Effect of Higher Education on Success of Career in Terms of Social Gender 

7 March 2014 Friday, 14:00, Assistant Prof. Siyaveş Azeri, Department of Philosophy, MAÜ,

Evolving Concepts, Revolving Doors

14 March 2014 Friday, 14:00, Dr. Cem Oyvat, University of Greenwich, Economics

 the Roots of Gini Coefficient: Comparative Analyses of Turkey, South Korea and Brazil


4 April 2014 Friday, 14:00, Association Prof.  Ayşen Uysal, Dokuz Eylül University., Public Management

Sociology of politics in street


11 April 2014 Friday, 14:00, Association Prof. Oya Pancaroğlu, Bosporus University, Department of History

The Traces of the Medieval in Sacred Places of Tarsus

17 April 2014 Thursday, 10:30, Dr. Ersin V. Elgür, Dicle University, Department of Philosophy,

A History Proving Its Validity: Dialectics of Development of Dialectics and Onto-politics 

21 April 2014 Monday, 14:00, Prof. Dr. Burhanettin Tatar, 19 May University, Faculty of Theology

The Problem of Fragmented Conscious in Islamic Thought


25 April 2014 Friday, 14:00, Association Prof.  Artun Avcı, Marmara University., Radio-TV and Cinema

Social Media and Daily Life


2 May 2014 Friday, 14:00, Assistant Prof. Elif Keser-Kayaalp, MAU, Art History

The Structure of Changing and Transforming Architecture of Syriacs in past decade


9 May 2014 Friday, 14:00, Assistant Prof. M. Behzat Ekinci, MAU, Economy

The Cittaslow Philosophy in the Context of Sustainable Tourism Development: The Case of Turkey


16 May 2014 Friday, 14:00, Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Sarıoğlu, Trakya University. Department of Philosophy

The Problems of Method and Mindset in Islamic Philosophy in the Case of Ibn Ruşd 

23 May 2014 Friday, 14:00, Assistant Prof. Suna Çağaptay, Bahçeşehir University, Architecture

Building of Legitimacy: the Architecture of the Era of Anatolian Beyliks

10 June 2014 Tuesday, 14:00, Assistant Prof. Guner Coşkunsu, MAU, Archology

The Hills: The Place of Rituals and Collective Memory