• A Visit to the University by the Students from Switzerland

A group of the students from the Department of Middle East Studies, Basel University, organized a two-days visit to Mardin Artuklu University.


During the visit to “The Institute of The Living Language in Turkey and “Social Sciences”, affiliated with Mardin Artuklu University, the students could hardly hide their admiration of the historical fabric of the buildings.




The students who saw the teaching in historical buildings very impressive and cheery met the authorities of the University at the Chancellery and took the information about the founding and developing of the University from Assistant Prof. Mark Soileau, who is a faculty member of the department of Anthropology.




In the presence of Prof. Dr. Maurus Reinkowski, the head of the delegation with 23 post-graduate and graduate students as well as the academics from Mardin Artuklu University, in Senate hall, Prof. Dr. Kadri Yildirim said that he was happy to accept the delegation, giving information about the University in detail.


Reinkowski, the guest head of delegation said that they have learnt many things from the studies of Mardin Artuklu University identified with the identity of the city where it is located in a geography where different ethnic and religious groups live together in a peaceful way, stating that Artuklu University is very important destination of their visit to Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia.


In the meeting lasting about two hours, the possible relationship between the two Universties to be established is mutually dealt with in detail.

Mardin Artuklu University

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