• "Post-Secularism and Role of Religion: Prospects for Christian and Islamic Dialogue"



The workshop whose title is “Post-Secularism and Role of Religion: Prospects for Christian and Islamic Dialogue” was organized by the participants from Mardin Artuklu University, Turkey, the University of Exeter, England and Mofid University, Iran. It lasted for three days.


Throughout the three-day workshop, the different academics coming from England, Iran and Turkey, discussed the role of religion on public sphere in Turkey, England and Iran. The expectations regarding decreasing of the influence and role of religion on public sphere in the three countries with the process of modernization didn’t come true and the religion came to be effective on the public sphere. They discussed the potential roles of religion on law and health and educational, genetic, moral and ethical sphere in this period called post-secularism.


They discussed how the religious and secular values can co-exist despite their confrontational appearances in the said spheres. In this context, they also discussed how the experiences of modernization and the experiences of the relationship of religion and politics could be expressed in public sphere in the light of the examples given from Iran, Turkey and England.


In short, they generally agreed that they must analyze it critically because the processes and accompanied discursive politics in example of the three countries in particular and western and Islamic worlds in general shaped our views about religion and modernization. It was expressed that the roles and places of religion and secularism on public sphere could be discussed correctly only in the framework of such an approach.


The participants decided that the new workshops, symposiums and conferences must be organized in England and Iran in order to mature the discussions about the new problems and new possibilities in manners of expressions of the new piety and secularism in public sphere.

                                                                  Deanship of the Faculty of Theology