• Seminars on Experiences of Place

The seminars on experiences of place, which are organized by the Faculty of Architecture of our University in every spring, have started. Seminars start at 15:30 every Wednesday. 

Programme is as follows (with acknowledgment to A. Divleli)
Address: The Faculty of Architecture, Mardin Artuklu University, Gül Mh. Next to Sabancı Kent Museum, (old) MARDIN
You are our guests
2013-2014 SPRING

Wednesday, 15.30
Architecture and place are an inseparable pair. There is almost no discipline independent of place. There are thousands kinds of interpretation of place. It is almost impossible to mention the strict list such as ‘criteria of evaluation of place’. It is worth of interpretation of experiencing rather than defining.
In the seminars, experiences of place from various geographies are shared with the style of the experienced. They aim to open way to “awareness”. They will be accompanied by numerous pictures and photos. 
(19 February) A Strange Tokyo Uğur Tanyeli
(26 February) Solving stereotypes Me-kan/kke/dine:Harameyn SıtkıKaradeniz, Asım Divleli
(05 March) Hotel Bülent Tanju
(12 March) White Places of Black Australia Emre Özyetiş
(19 March) Amsterdam/Rotterdam Alidost Ertuğrul
(26 March) Campus in Camp: Experience of Beytüllahim Pelin Tan
(02 April) Jerusalem Ömer Faruk Günenç
(09 April) The Facult of Letter, Istanbul University Zeynep Sayın
(16 April) Katanya Salih Pulcu
(30 April) Butcheries of Nurnberg and Hamburg Mehmet Atlı
(07 May) My Home in Mardin, ’Founding-Building-Repairing-Restoring Can Bulgu
(14 May) The Childeren’s Parks without Children in Germany Süleyman Tursun
(21 May) Experience of Tillo Evrim Düzenli